Java and PHP Cloud Hosting

Because it's Easy!

Easy to Start

start Java and PHP application hosting
Set up environment in seconds

Choose your software stack, set the limits for autoscaling, and pick your name. In just a few seconds your Java or PHP environment will be up and running in the cloud!

No installation or configuration

The Jelastic web hosting cloud automatically installs configures and interconnects your server instances with your selected software stacks. With Jelastic, upload your Java or PHP application and go.

No APIs to code to

You don't need to code to our APIs - just upload your application to our cloud hosting platform and select your stack.

Wide range of software stacks

Mix and match your software stacks. Select from the best free Java (Tomcat, GlassFish, and Jetty) and PHP (Apache, NGINX) app servers, as well as SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) database servers, and memcached.

Easy to Deploy

deploy Java and PHP applications
One-click deployment

Simply upload your Java or PHP app package to the cloud and choose the right environment. If your environment has multiple computing instances, Jelastic will automatically update each of them.

GIT or SVN deploy

You can deploy any public or private web projects to the Jelastic Cloud service via GIT/SVN. If there were any changes made in your Java or PHP code, just update it from GIT/SVN in one click.

Application version control

Has an error accidentally crept into your latest code? No worries! Just roll back to the last error-free hosted version. The Jelastic cloud service keeps track of your deployment history - just select the one you want and we will roll everything back.

Easy to Scale

scale resources of your Java or PHP app
Vertical scaling

The Jelastic platform is the only cloud hosting service which can automatically scale any Java or PHP application by changing the amount of resources (RAM and CPU) provided to a web server. As soon as an applications load grows, the cloud platform simply makes additional resources available to it. When the load goes down again, the resources are reduced by the platform automatically.

Horizontal scaling

The Jelastic web hosting cloud service lets you scale your Java or PHP environment horizontally, changing the number of application servers. The load is distributed evenly between the chosen number of compute nodes, with the help of a balancer which is switched on automatically if you choose to have more than one instance.

Easy to Manage

managing Java and PHP applications
Managing an application's lifecycle

During its life, an application exists in multiple environments. Java and PHP developers have development environments, quality control for testing, and customers can access these environments in production. Jelastic simplifies this by allowing you to easily clone and branch environments so they all have identical software stacks and topology. For each environment, you can individually tweak resource usage.

Control and analyze

The Jelastic Cloud provides a rich tool set to analyze and monitor your Java or PHP application web hosting service. You get up-to-date real-time information on your application's load, memory, CPU, and traffic consumption. In addition to this, historical data is always available for your analysis.

Jelastic Saves You Time and Money

best cloud host at low price
Jelastic Saves You Time and Money

Maintenance, configuration and operational tasks are automated for you. There are no constraints or unique hosting requirements imposed on your applications, so there is no development overhead. With Jelastic, ease of use and automation gives you the most powerful and best Java and PHP cloud hosting service, for the lowest price.

Do you provide hosting services?

Get into the PaaS market quickly through fast, easy integration of the Jelastic solution. Create an additional revenue stream and attract a diverse new customer base. Gain a competitive advantage through an innovative application development platform! Contact us to learn more.

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